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‌5 Best Door to Door Shipping Agents in China! 🤩👌

What are the 5 best door to door (DDP) shipping agents in China?

China is one of the biggest exporters in the world; it has billion of dollars in exports annually to many countries around the world. For Importers who choose China, one of the most important factors which affect their business is finding a reliable and affordable shipping method that can take some pressure of the process off their shoulders, now what can be better than Door to Door (DDP) shipping to make it even easier without the troubles of the customs process, duty, etc.?

This article will introduce the 5 best door-to-door shipping agents in China that can offer you this service and make the importation process even easier!

Shipping agent from China

ERA freight is one of the best Door to Door (DDP) shipping agents in China; It covers Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the USA, and Canada with Easy service, offering Affordable prices, which means more profit on every shipment, and best of all Reliable service to make shipping process a piece of cake.

Established by our team of professionals, we offer excellent shipping service in all the ways possible; our service includes airfreight, sea freight both LCL and FCL way, rail freight, courier express, logistics, and distribution, and with them, all comes our door-to-door service which is the easiest trouble-free way with customs clearance, and everything handles by us. Here at ERA, we offer you what our motto suggests: an easy, reliable, and affordable service to give you peace of mind so you can only focus on the growth of your business.

In the DDP method, usually, the freight forwarders consolidate goods from many customers and send them all together, the goods are gathered in the forwarder’s warehouse and then sent to the port and also customs process, and as of this usually, the goods are consolidated need to have the same nature, they can be normal, DGR, battery included, etc.

The goods are sent and released from customs under the forwarder’s name; therefore, shipment tracking, especially with the sea method, can be a bit troublesome, and forwarders offer their own tracking number updated by their agent.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Door-to-Door (DDP) method?

DDP has more advantages than disadvantages, as we mentioned before, trouble-free shipping without the worry of inland transportation and customs headaches is very convenient for Importers, but like all methods, it also has its own disadvantages for Importers.

As we mentioned, forwarders consolidate goods from many customers. Therefore, this method can have a longer transit time in both Air and Sea methods, but because of its popularity, the difference is not much, and it’s worth the wait.

Many believe that because all the steps are covered in this method, it should be much more expensive, but the truth is, even though it might sound expensive when you compare it with other methods, it can even be cheaper. You might ask why; here is the answer.

Again the point is in the consolidation of the goods; in this way, the total weight and volume are much bigger than each customer’s original weight, and as you know, the bigger and heavier the goods, the less the price, so each customer pays less for each kg/CBM of their goods. When you add inland transportation and customs cost, I can assure you that sometimes the final price is even better than normal Airfreight or LCL Sea freight.

Door-to-Door (DDP) service is our specialty in ERA; we offer easy, reliable, and affordable shipping service to importers that need to ship from China.

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BanSar has been in the logistics industry for over 10 years. We have the best alliances with many carriers and airlines; we get lower contract rates than the market standard. This allows us to offer the most affordable freight forwarding service from China to any country. By sea, air, or land.

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SINO Shipping is one of the shipping agents in China that provides a full range of logistics and transportation services with particular emphasis on efficiency and reliability at a competitive rate and, of course, the assurance of personal service. their tactical services include import/export freight forwarding, ocean and air transportation, overland transportation, customs brokerage and regulatory compliance, project cargo services, warehousing and distribution, supply chain management, and information management.


Operating from Shenzhen, China, Hart International Logistics, Co., Ltd is one of the shipping agents in China of choice in making sure your goods are delivered on time and without interruption.

With the increase in the globalization of commerce, there is a spike in demand for a logistics solutions provider who can provide the technology, maintain the standards, have the manpower, and the expertise to make sure there is a continuous and uninterrupted supply of goods from one point to another.

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DongFangHong Global Logistics has been at the forefront of aiding in the smooth shipping of goods from China to different regions all over the world. Among the long list of freight forwarding services offered by DFH Logistics is the comprehensive door to door delivery service.

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