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Airfreight is one of the basic items and one of the most important parts of the production and consumption cycle; in such a way that it has a strong presence in the national system of countries and is located in the service sector. Features such as the safest way, the best route, the fastest and healthiest vehicle with minimal time and cost, have led to special attention to airfreight.


Airfreight Features

The Airfreight industry has a strategic aspect in each region and country; this means that in order to measure the strength and capability of a country, they first examine the airfreight systems and communication channels of that country. Of course, this does not mean that the transport system is focused only on airfreight. There are other methods of transportation by sea, land, and rail, and each has its own characteristics. However, in this article, only airfreight and its benefits are examined.

The use of airplanes to carry passengers and cargo was introduced almost immediately after World War II, with the creation of the ICAO. Prior to World War II, the only useful use of aircraft was to carry weapons and perform airstrikes on enemy territory. Only the rich could afford to travel by plane. Long-haul aircraft had not yet been built at the time, which limited the ability to travel and carry cargo to other countries. But the use of aircraft because of its much greater benefits became a priority for all developed countries.



Without a doubt, cargo transportation via airfreight is one of the most popular methods, It is fast, safe, and most suitable to attend to certain demands. However, other factors such as the volume of the shipment and the budget the importer wants to spend on it can make Airfreight not the best option to choose, Therefore Importers should analyze the advantage and disadvantages of Airfreight in order to choose whether this method is ideal for them or not.

Here we will go through some advantages and disadvantages to make it easier for you. Not to mention if you still had further questions, contact our sales team and they will help you throughout the shipping process.

Airfreight Advantages

  • It is the fastest route

Another feature of airfreight is its fast route. Basically, we face traffic restrictions and road facilities inland transportation. While cargo transport by plane is done without any obstacles and there is no traffic along the way. To the extent that, according to many experts, within the next 20 years, it will be possible for planes to reach the farthest point of the earth in 2-3 hours.

  • High level of safety and cargo preservation

It is safe to say that the most important advantage of airfreight is its safe route. Only bad weather conditions along the way may challenge the aircraft. Of course, the presence of climate experts and advanced systems has made it possible to predict the weather. The planes only fly on a route that is pre-determined by the watchtower and constantly monitors the weather and cargo safety along the way.

  • Low risk of accidents and delays

Security is not limited to personal security and includes other matters such as financial security, etc. Inland transport, there is the possibility of any danger such as bandit attacks, road accidents, bad weather conditions, etc.

In this method the risk of natural problems causing accidents, or delays in arrival due to weather conditions and other unseen problems is minimum.

  • The proximity between production centers and airports

One of the points that can be very important in this method is usually airports are closer to production centers compared to seaports or rail stations, this can make local transportations less costly and the transit time even becomes less.

  • Agile and intercontinental transportation

Due to the fact that airports can be in any country whether they are connected to the sea or not, it has made this type of transportation method very agile, in sea freight connection by sea and ports is needed and in rail and truck mode, the countries should be connected by land, but in Airfreight, none of these matter, and transportation has become limitless.



Airfreight Disadvantages

All of the above are among the benefits of air freight. However, this method, like other methods, is not without its drawbacks. Air transport also has disadvantages.

  • High Costs

These disadvantages include the high cost of air transportation, which is really more expensive than other methods, and this also affects the final price of the goods. That is why the sea and land methods are used to transport bulk goods.

  • Limited Carrying Capacity

Compared to Sea and Rail freight, Airfreight has much less Carrying capacity, due to the limit in space it can only carry a specific amount which is one of the reasons for the high cost.

  • Unfit for specific products

Another disadvantage of air transport is that not all goods can be transported by plane and you have restrictions in choosing to transport goods. The air freight method is mostly used for small and valuable goods that have a small volume and the price increase due to the high price of air freight does not have much effect on their final price, Big and bulky goods are not possible to be transported by Airfreight.

Airports of China


Clearly, airfreight from China is done through Chinese airports. But there are 5 airports that are world-famous and most of the air transportation takes place in them. These airports are:

  1. Hong Kong International (HKG)

It is the largest cargo airport in the world and is located in Hong Kong. In fact, Hong Kong International is the first honorary position and has maintained its position for many years. It has been the busiest airport in the world for many years.

  1. Shanghai Pudong International (PVG)

Shanghai Pudong International is China’s second-largest airport. However, among the largest cargo airports in the world, Shanghai Airport ranks third. The major airport, one of China’s main loading hubs, handles more than 3.1 million tons of cargo annually.

  1. Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)

Beijing Capital International Airport, classified as a 4F facility, has four hangars. This means that it can move the equipment of the wide body. The airport handles more than 2 million tons of cargo annually

  1. Guangzhou Bayun International Airport (CAN)

The airport handles more than 1.8 million tons of cargo and is one of the busiest airports in southern China, operating since 2004.

  1. Shenzhen International Airport (SZX)

The airport handles more than 1 million tons of cargo annually and acts as a cargo hub for UPS in the Pacific and Asia.


Airfreight is one of the most popular shipping methods, that can deliver your goods to you fast, and safe, if it’s in you budget it’s definitely one of the best options for importers, we in ERA offer Airfreight service in both port to port and Door-to-Door (DDP) way, which is the easiest most convenient way, with affordable prices and reliable service, our sales experts can consult you for the best option depending on your budget, urgency ad other factors.

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