China to Iran

All About Shipping from China to Iran

All About Shipping from China to Iran

A country is a strong country only when the economy is strong, and connecting business with businesses in other countries around the world is a big step towards strengthening the economy.

Shipping from China to Iran is also a great way to transport and exchange goods. This procedure has many advantages. One is to build and maintain good relationships with other countries, and the other is to bring money to the economy and help it grow.

Transportation services are covered by quality experts, and hassle-free transportation from China to Iran is also a good reason.

In this content, we will know more about the different transport modes that shipping from China to Iran takes place. So be patient and read till the end to know how the economy of both these nations never fails to surprise us all.

It should be mentioned that Iran is a country that has great economic values, and for a country like China, it is a great trade partner in the Middle East. China’s trade with Iran is not new, and it goes back to the ancient silk road back in the first century B.C.

The two countries have been able to maintain a great relationship as well as a regular high-level contact with each other along with the bilateral economic along with trade corporation which has deepened by the passage of time.

Let us know further in detail about the relationship between China and Iran and even more about shipping from China to Iran.

Relationship Between China and Iran

China and Iran made an economic tie officially back in the year 1937. They established their modern forms of government in the years 1949 and 1979.

It is not a secret that Iran is a country that has abundant natural resources, and in this way, China is considered to be one of the countries that demand Iran’s oil.

In this way, the two countries have cooperated on a huge range of projects which includes energy, technology, infrastructure, and last but not least, defense.

In the year 2019, Iran approved the process of visa-free traveling to the country for all Chinese Nationals, including Hong Kong and the residents of Macao. Iran has always been a vocal supporter of China when it comes to the international stage, and it has backed it in international forums like the UN.

In this regard, Iran and China have strengthened their diplomatic as well as economic ties, and despite the sanctions that replaced Iran, they continued their trade.

It is not a secret that sanctions have hurt the trade between China and Iran, but the recent activity which was between these two Nations suggested a determination to develop and advance their trade and investment despite all the restrictions imposed on the countries.

China still continues to be one of the largest buyers of Iranian crude oil, which is considered to be one of Iran’s largest exports. The trend particularly appears to speed up again in the year 2021, along with the import of crude oil and the growth despite the sanctions by the United States.


Which Mode Is Considered to Be the Best for Shipping from China to Iran?


If you are reading this content, it means that you are interested in the shipping process between the two countries of China and Iran. It should be mentioned that the type of goods which is being imported is not the matter. In this case, it can be a single parcel to a huge loaded container.

In this regard, let us go deeper to understand the different modes of shipping from China to Iran.

Sea Freight from China to Iran

It is considered that ocean freight is one of the best deals when it comes to shipping due to many reasons such as:

  • The suppliers are simply located near the Chinese Port.
  • And the receiver is not in a hurry to get the goods at high speed.

It should be mentioned that Iran is considered to be the second-largest country in the Middle East right after Saudi Arabia, and it is known to be a great maritime country, and this makes it either transportation via sea freight.

Iran borders the Caspian Sea as well as the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Despite all the sanctions that Iran is going through, it is a significant concern that has a great economy and market of around 82 million inhabitants.

There are a lot of goods that are not produced in the territory, and they are entering the country via two seas. Iranian ports are considered to be well designed and well maintained if not one of the biggest. So this makes it easier for China to ship to Iran.

China to Iran
Sea freight from China to Iran

Some of The Major Ports of Iran Are:

  • The Port of Chabahar

This unique Port is located on the North Shore of the Gulf of Oman, and it is very close to the border, which is shared with Pakistan.

It is considered to be the only Iranian Port which is bordering the ocean. The annual cargo tonnage of this Port was something around 2.1 million tonnes in the year 2015.

  • The Port of Bandar Abbas

It supports is located in the Hormuz Strait, and it serves the city of Bandar Abbas. It should be mentioned that the Port is directly linked with the train directly to the city of Tehran. In the year 2015, the container port was able to handle around 3 million


  • The Port of Kish Island

Another fantastic port is famous for the significant number of oil companies that it has that are positioning their oil management platforms there.

The Sea Freight Transit Time

Below you can see the transit time to transfer goose from China to Iran on average. The transit time between China and Iran is generally something around 23- 28 days though it depends on the Port where it is loading and the Port from where it is entering.

Shipping Lines That Have Ocean Freight Service from China to Iran

At this moment just this Shipping Lines have service from china to Iran

  • Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines
  • Evergreen Marine Hanjin Shipping
  • United Arab Shipping Company
  • Hyundai Merchant Marine

 If you need sea freight service from China to Iran, contact us now, we offer affordable reliable service to make shipping hassle-free and easy for our customers.

Airfreight from China to Iran

Airfreight is considered to be an efficient solution due to the fact that the goods are smaller, and the receiver receives the goods at a fast speed.

Airfreight is considered to be advantageous only for specific parameters. It has been mentioned that Iran possesses around 15 international airports that are linked to avoiding the territory with the rest of the world.

There are certain cities that own an International Airport, such as:

Abadan, Ahvaz, Arak, Bandar Abbas, Birjand, Isfahan, Qom, Mashhad, Larestan, Shiraz, Tehran, and last but not least, Tabriz.

On the other hand, there are above 60 international airports which connect China to other international countries. Chinese exports are considered to be the most frequented and the busiest in the world when it comes to passengers as well as the good traffic.

The Southern Airlines of China is the only cargo line that is directly linked to Iran and Tehran, to be more precise.

China to Iran
Airfreight from China to Iran

The Transit Time of Air Freight

It should be mentioned that the transit time of air freight is around 9 hours for the cargo plane to reach from China to Iran.

In the case of the regular airframe performance, the goods will reach within seven working days. In the case of Express air freight, the goods will be received within four days proximately.

The Rates of the Air Freight from China to Iran

The weight of the goods is being calculated with two distinct methods the gross and the volumetric weight. The sender will be charged based on the highest value between them.

If you need to have a quote for shipping your goods via airfreight from China to Iran, contact our sales team and get your free quote now, they will help you throughout the process and answer any questions you might have.

Inland Transportation in Iran

Once you are done with the shipping process of air and sea freight, the good can even be delivered to your city with the help of rail freight or trucking.

Rail and road freight is everywhere in Iran, and this is all thanks to the dense network of the country. The airports and the ports of Iran have multimodal hubs that enable the goods in order to travel inside the country with the help of trains or trucks.

China to Iran
Inland transportation in Iran

What Is the Tax Amount for Importing Goods from China to Iran?

It should be mentioned that the red bonding agreement which is between China and Iran is not for free.

In this regard, there are no pictures of the shipment of your goods to the exempted duties as well as taxes. The custom duties are around 28% of the good value you in the Country of Iran, and the duties are from 0% for the most basic products that require imports to 100% or more or in the case of goods that are already being produced in Iran.

It should be mentioned that the tariff barrier policy was made in order to support the industry and all the other businesses present to flourish instead of being independent of imports.

What Are Custom Processes Between Shipping from China to Iran?

Custom processes are stated as below such as:

  • The goods are unloaded from the vessel, and they are put in custom custody.
  • Before the goods land in the Iranian territory, the import document file should be completed in detail.
  • The file should be later sent to the corresponding customs office where the goods are being warehoused. In the meantime, the carrier will be indulging in filing the general import manifest to customs.
  • After you pay the duties for the goods and the taxes, the release letter will be issued to the custodians.
  • The goods will be released, and they can flow to the desired destination, and you can collect them.


Duties and Taxes in Iran

before you ship from China to Iran, you should be aware of the duties and taxes of the country.

The country, along with other countries in the world, is identifying the goods that are to be traded with the harmonized system of tariff nomenclature. It is considered to be a combination of six figures that are imported to each type of goods named as harmonized system code.

It is a code that is used as a common language worldwide in order to identify the products and their items.

It should be mentioned that you should determine which harmonized system code is attributed to your goods before shipping. It will help you in order to sort out and also to find the tariff barriers that are associated with your product.

China to Iran

What Are Some Tips for Making the Transportation Process from China to The Iran Cost-Effective?

  • If you want to know some tips for reducing costs, please read the tips below and be sure to follow them when shipping to Iran.
  • Please make a reservation in advance. Sea shipping is known to be the cheapest method of transportation, but it is known to be very time-consuming and time-consuming. Trying the boom first will help you save a lot of money and unwanted stress.
  • Ship from above. This simply means that if the carrier is very crowded, the shipping costs will increase with the shipment. If possible, we strongly recommend shipping outside of the leaky season.
  • Make sure all documents are properly prepared. Keeping all your paperwork organized will help you make a difference when you go through all customs clearance quickly.
  • Make sure you know all HS codes. Customs fees often surprise all shippers and affect the cost of the company.
  • Make sure you understand everything included in the quote. As you know, offers may vary. It’s a good idea to check your provider before making a decision.

Know More About the China Ports

Before transport from China to the United Kingdom, it’s far an awesome concept to recognize approximately the ports found in China.

Shipping Ports in China

You might be counseled on deciding on the Port, which is understood to be high-quality for the procedure of exporting from China to Iran.

The recommendation is given primarily based totally on a few elements, which include location, customs clearance, and its easiness, the time allocated for transit, the quantity of the Port, agreements, alongside the relationships which might be among the manufacturing facility in addition to the ports.

If you want to select the Port for your own, it’s far first-rate in case you recognize the location, the cost, time of transit as well.

Some of the ports you need to recognize for transport from China to Iran are said as beneath, which include;

  • The Port of Shanghai
  • The Port of Ningbo
  • Last, however, now no longer least, the Port of Shenzhen.


Door to Door Delivery Service from China to Iran

We offer door-to-door delivery services for customers who want to simplify logistics management, reduce costs, and minimize the risk of loss or product damage.

We are one of the leading agents for Door to Door shipping service from China to Iran. Our Door to Door service covers sea and air shipping services from China to Iran. We can remove days from your seller or factory in China and deliver goods from China to your address in Iran.

In Door to Door shipping service from China to Iran, here in ERA, we do all shipping and customs clearance processes for our customers in Iran. contact us now and get your free quote.

China to Iran
Door-to-Door Service from China to Iran

The Steps for Door to Door Shipping Service from China to Iran

  • First, choose between air or sea shipping service; what is your favorite shipping way. After that, our team will get all the important information from you and will deliver you the final price for our Door to Door shipping service from China to Iran.
  • We contact the seller in China, and we arrange everything for pickup from the factory or seller warehouse in china. After that, we send your package to the airport or seaport for loading.
  • After arriving shipment to Iran, our team in Iran is starting customs clearness in process, and it takes around 3 or 5 business days.
  • After the customs clearance is over, we send the package to your address in Iran.


There are a lot of warehouses in the main cities of China, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and even Xiamen, where they provide the best services such as storage as well distribution of the goods before being shipped to Iran.



In conclusion, it is always better to search for reliable rates for shipping from China to Iran. The process is not easy. It is accurate and requires a lot of research and a lot of manual work to make the process successful.

Most importantly, you can save a lot of unnecessary costs on the process of shipping from China to Iran, which is not important at all. On the other hand, you can also find a low-cost carrier that successfully delivers the goods to your destination easily.


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