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Door to Door (DDP) shipping, #1 easy choice for importers

Door to Door (DDP) shipping, All there is to know

Door to Door (DDP) shipping is one of the most popular methods for importers, in the following article, we want to talk about all the things you need to know about this type of shipping and its benefits compared to traditional ways.

If you use a freight forwarder’s Door to Door (DDP) shipping service, they guarantee that the goods will be picked up from your desired spot and delivered to the locations specified by the end customer themselves. It varies from door-to-port or port-to-port shipping method in that it starts and ends at predetermined locations inside the cities that are serviced by the freight forwarder.

Door to door (DDP) shipping services consist of importing, taking care of, shipping, and customs duties, and it is considered a completely hassle-free choice for various importers around the world. Many companies now offer this service to their customers.

A Door to Door (DDP) shipping service is in high demand these days for Importers to deliver these items to their countries, but why do they choose this service? Even though normal freight services have always been a traditional and convenient way to import goods, Do door to door (DDP) services offer any advantages over traditional modes of freight transportation?

There are numerous rules, regulations, and procedures to adhere to when exporting and importing; it can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. This often necessitates the preparation and submission of import and export documents.

Normally, freight forwarders would take care of this for us, but knowing how to complete the relevant documents and what the terms mean can be helpful in the long run. Let us now examine these two well-known modes of transport.

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Regular Freight Services

They are exactly what they sound like.

When it comes to moving freight, the term refers to the actual physical process of transporting commodities, such as cars, trucks, and trains, as well as containers (ship transport).

The shipment will be transferred from one port to another using these freight services, but the importer is responsible for clearing customs and receiving the goods.

The shipping time and cost vary by the method so the importer can choose the most convenient one based on the size, cost, and deadline of the goods.

This shipping method is also known as port-to-port shipping. It involves a freight forwarder or logistics provider only taking care of the shipment’s transport from the origin point to the destination. There is no responsibility for the goods before goods are shipped from the origin and after it has arrived at the seaport or airport from the freight forwarder or logistics service provider.

Likewise, the company is not in charge of the logistics of getting the goods from the port of origin to their final destination. Transporting goods to and from ports is the responsibility of the importer and exporter.

As the importer and exporter only have to pay for the shipping service between the ports, air or sea freight, port-to-port shipping is a cost-effective option.

Door to Door (DDP) Shipping
Normal Freight services also called Port to Port service

Door to Door (DDP) shipping

Door to Door (DDP) shipping services differ from Port-to-Port Shipping services, as previously stated. If I want to be honest, this is considered the most comprehensive shipping method because the freight forwarder or logistic service provider manages the entire shipping process from the exporter (or seller) to the importer (or buyer) (or buyer).

As a result, the freight forwarding or logistics firm is likely to use multiple modes of transportation, including trucks and ships. This means that the total distance and cost of Door to Door (DDP) shipping can be higher than that of port-to-port shipping, making it an expensive service in some cases.

Here in ERA, we offer Door to Door (DDP) shipping services from China to most countries worldwide, with easy, reliable service and affordable prices.

Door to Door (DDP) Shipping

While DDP service is much more convenient for importers due to the fact that it takes care of almost everything, that isn’t always the deciding factor.

There are no guarantees when it comes to freight services, but the ETA is usually less than the DDP.

However, the shipping company agents must handle customs clearance and delivery to the destination in this type of service, so it takes longer to arrive. As previously mentioned, freight services transport commodities from one port to another.

Here are some main points that should be mentioned in the comparison of DDP with Regular Freight.

  • DDP is usually more expensive but not always!

Because the shipping company must handle your shipment from the port to your address, you must pay an additional fee for this type of service, but you can sit back and relax while you wait for your goods to arrive; additionally, you do not need to use your own import license card for customs clearance, and delivery of your product is also handled.

It should also be mentioned that even though all the procedure is done by the shipping company which will have additional expenses, in Door to Door (DDP) service, the company consolidates your goods with many more importers and ships them all together, in that case, the final weight and CBM is lowered which will affect the price per weight and volume, so even though the procedure is more advanced, sometimes the price is the same or even lower!

  • DDP doesn’t provide an accurate tracking system

It’s not easy to track a shipment in this type of service because unlike regular freights the shipping company handles the entire shipping process for you and your goods are consolidated with others. This can be said for both Airfreight and Sea freight but mostly applies to Airfreight because tracking a shipment in other shipping services even in regular freight isn’t possible until it reaches the destination port. However, customer service teams at companies are often extremely helpful in this regard and will gladly provide you with information at any time you need it.

  • DDP is not available for all the countries

This type of service is only available in about 40 to 45 countries, whereas freight services are available in all countries with airports, seaports, roads, and railways. This is because customs clearance varies by region.

Door to Door service is available at ERA Freight, you can find the best service with easy inquiries, reliable service, and support, and Affordable prices for both Air, Rail, and Sea services. our support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and assist you with your shipments. contact us now 🙂

Door to Door (DDP) Shipping
Door to Door (DDP) Shipping Service


Consumers appreciate the convenience of Door to Door (DDP) shipping because it allows them to keep receiving their shipments, particularly in cases where companies have provided you with the required paperwork. As a customer, you enjoy the convenience of having shipping companies handle your shipments. Furthermore, they ensure the safety of the flight and delivery to your address.

ERA Freight can handle every step of your import process. We are a China-based company with extensive experience in international transportation. In addition, we guarantee the easiest and most reliable procedures with affordable prices due to our extensive experience delivering sea and air freight, express cargo, and door to door deliveries with the most suitable price and quality.

Our support team is available 24/7 to answer your inquiries, contact us now and get your quote! 🙂


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