Door-to-Door Shipping from China to UAE and Dubai

Know More About the Process of Door to Door Shipping from China to UAE

Best Door-to-Door Shipping from China to UAE and Dubai

Today, China is considered the world’s largest exporter and producer of industrial goods. Similarly, UAE is a central hub for logistics in the Middle East, and you should know that these two countries are on good terms with exporting and importing.

Today many importers from UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.) have everyday trade with China and are in need of finding a suitable and convenient shipping method for their needs. Fortunately, we offer the best answer, DDP or Door-to-Door shipping!

Door-to-door shipping from China to UAE and Dubai means a delivery method in which a product is received at the supplier’s door and delivered to the recipient’s door. This shipping method is one of the most popular methods among importers because all the process is done by the forwarder, from pick up and customs process in China, up to tax, duty, and delivery to door in the UAE.

Here we will talk about Door-to-Door shipping from China to the UAE and Dubai, all available modes of transportation, transit times, cost, and how ERA Freight can help with delivery.

Door-to-Door Shipping from China to UAE and Dubai

How does Door-To-Door Delivery Service from China to UAE and Dubai work?

We provide door-to-door delivery service to customers who want to simplify logistics management, reduce costs and minimize the risk of loss or product damage.

We are one of the leading door-to-door delivery service agents from China to the United Arab Emirates. Our door-to-door services include sea and air transportation from China to the United Arab Emirates.

You can remove the number of days from the seller or factory in China and ship the goods from China to your address in UAE. Door-to-Door shipping from China to UAE and Dubai handles all shipping and customs clearance for UAE customers.


Door-to-Door Transport Service Procedures from China to the United Arab Emirates

  • First, select either air or sea shipping service. What is your preferred shipping method? After that, our team will collect all the essential information from you and provide the final price of the door-to-door delivery service from China to the UAE.
  • Contact the Chinese seller to arrange the collection from the Chinese seller’s factory or warehouse. Then send your luggage to the airport or port for loading.
  • Upon the arrival of the cargo in UAE, our team in Sharjah, Dubai, will begin customs clearance, which will take approximately 3-5 business days.
  • After customs clearance, the package will be shipped to the address you need in UAE, whether it’s Dubai, Abu Dhabi or etc.

There are many warehouses in major cities in China, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and even Yiwu, providing the best service, such as storing and distributing goods before shipping to UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi).

Advantages and Disadvantages of DDP or Door-to-Door Delivery from China to UAE and Dubai

There are several advantages of using this service. trouble-free import, cost-effective pricing, etc., are some of the attractive points of shipping your goods Door-to-Door from China to UAE or Dubai.

Insurance Carriers also offer merchandise insurance against loss, damage, etc., in transit. This is an added benefit to this service. You must consult with the shipping carrier in advance to ensure that the goods are insured. More critical, inexpensive packages.

Door-to-door delivery is a smart choice for your business for one or more reasons. Basically, it is a delivery arrangement to deliver the product to the customer. Here is ERA; we pick up the goods from warehouses and deliver them to you without you worrying about the headaches of the shipping process.

Door-to-Door Shipping from China to UAE and Dubai

Door to Door shipping Advantages

  • Affordable Cost

These shipping services don’t mean they cost a lot. You don’t have to pay for every step of the fulfillment process. because of the nature of this process, all goods are gathered and consolidated and then shipped at once; therefore, the cost per kg reduces, and it makes it cost-effective for importers. 

  • Operational Efficiency Is Guaranteed

Reduced operational overhead is also a benefit. A company’s success is highly dependent on its operational efficiency.

There is no need to waste energy and resources on the fulfillment process as the courier company handles the logistics. Instead, you can spend your time on marketing strategy, core business development, product development, and more.

  • Easier to Manage the Process

The best part is that in this case, you just need to get in touch with the courier company. The entire process can be easily managed and tracked from time to time. But if you don’t choose the same, you should be aware of different levels of satisfaction.

Always remember that the importance of a door-to-door courier partner is inevitable. While you choose ERA Freight, you simply choose the best on the market for fast shipping and superior customer satisfaction.

Door-to-Door shipping from china to uae and dubai

Door to Door shipping Disadvantages

  • DDP doesn’t provide an accurate tracking system

It’s not easy to track a shipment in this type of service because, unlike regular freights, the shipping company handles the entire shipping process for you, and your goods are consolidated with others. This can be said for both Airfreight and Sea freight but mainly applies to Airfreight because tracking a shipment in other shipping services, even in regular freight, isn’t possible until it reaches the destination port. However, customer service teams at companies are often extremely helpful in this regard and will gladly provide you with information at any time you need it.

  • DDP is not available for all the countries

This type of service is only available in about 40 to 45 countries, whereas freight services are available in all countries with airports, seaports, roads, and railways. This is caused by the difference in customs rules and regulations in different countries.

Who will handle the customs process from China to UAE and Dubai?

When importing from a foreign country, the main thing that concerns the importers are handling the customs clearance in both the origin and destination country.
The customs process has many steps and paperwork to go through. The good news is that your forwarder Easy DDP can help you with customs clearance throughout the process.
For those of you who want to do it yourself, let’s take a look at the needed documents to get a better idea.

Door-to-Door shipping from China to UAE and Dubai


What kind of Door-to-Door shipping from China to UAE and Dubai is available?

All shipping types such as Airfreight and Sea freight is available in Door-to-Door service; based on your needs, you can choose between these two; needless to say, our experts in ERA are always available, and we get the information about your shipment and your needs and guide you with the best shipping method which suits you.

If you want to know more about the Airfreight and Sea freight difference, click here.

Door-to-Door Shipping from China to UAE and Dubai

How to save money when Door-to-Door shipping from China to UAE and Dubai?

Finally, it should be mentioned that it is advisable to check the reliable rates for Door-to-Door shipping from China to UAE and Dubai. As you know, prices have a lot of change after the covid, so if you need to get a quote, it’s better to ask when goods are nearly ready and check the validity of the quote so you won’t face any problems.

Another point that some importers tend to forget is you should be truthful about your information about the shipment. In this method, as the customs process is done by the forwarder, all details should be mentioned in order to avoid troubles and price changes. this simple fact in Door-to-Door shipping from China to UAE and Dubai can save a lot of unnecessary costs.

Why Choose ERA Freight for Door-To-Door Transportation from China to The United Arab Emirates?

It should be added that ERA Freight can facilitate cargo export in DDP and Door-to-Door shipping from China to UAE and Dubai. It offers global ice resources for transportation and the benefits of online quotes, bookings, payments, and freight tracking.

Our parent company is located in several major cities in China, UAE and Dubai. Our industrial bonding technology and experienced logistics experts are known for mastering the complexity of global transfers. This is the main reason we shine in shipping from China and have been doing great even in the case of door-to-door shipping from China to UAE and Dubai.

Have you been thinking of Door-to-Door shipping from China to UAE and Dubai? Need help in doing so? Get in touch with us at ERA Freight’s official website, and we will guide you further.

Door-to-Door Shipping from China to UAE and Dubai

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