Cheap shipping from China

How to find cheap shipping from China | 2022 guide

How to find cheap shipping from China?

China is one of the best countries in the world. China is known as the most populous country in the world. This country is the second-largest economy in the world after the United States, according to statistics released in 2020. There are many factories in this country that are operating in various fields.

The products produced by the factories operating in this country are exported to many countries of the world and sold in the markets of these countries. There are many different ways to transport Chinese goods to different countries of the world, and one of the best ways in this field is shipping from china.

Traders who are looking to buy their desired products and goods from China are looking for the best and cheapest ways to transport these products to their country.

In this article, we will try to talk to you about shipping from China. We will also explain the best and cheapest services in the field of transportation from China. Stay with us.

Shipping from China

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, China is one of the best countries in the world in terms of economy. Goods that are exported from China to different countries of the world are among the best and highest quality goods and products. Therefore, many traders are eager to import goods from China, and this is very profitable for them.

There are different ways to transport Chinese products and goods to different countries of the world; For example, air and sea transportation methods are among the best and main methods of transporting products outside China but It is important to choose the method that best suits your needs, do you need fast shipping or the important factor is the price? As you know shipping price is one of the main important factors in importing from China.

In the next paragraph, we will talk about How to find cheap shipping services from China.

Cheap shipping from China
Shipping from China

Cheap shipping service from China

China has many commercial ports, this is the reason that there are so many shipping companies in this country. Each of these shipping companies from China offers different costs for transporting Chinese goods and products to different countries around the world.

They usually offer special services to their customers, some of them offer discounted freights, some offer Door-to-Door shipping which will make the procedure so much easier but maybe more expensive for you. As we mentioned price is one of the important factors in importing goods so here we’ve listed some ways to reduce shipping costs for you.

Find the method that best matches your needs

Shipping methods are different, depending on your destination country you can send your parcels in Air, Rail, Sea, or Truck way, but choosing which service best matches your needs is one of the important ways to save your money and find the cheap shipping way.

cheap shipping
Different shipping methods to choose from

If you ask forwarders which shipping method is the cheapest one, they always answer with sea freight; but is this really the best choice for all? the answer is a definite NO!

Depending on your shipment quantity, the destination country, and urgency of receiving the goods this answer might vary a lot, sometimes shipping the goods by airway even though is fast and more expensive is more cost-effective in the long run.

Another shipping method that might help you is the DDP way, This way all the procedure is done by the forwarder, from picking up to delivering to your doorstep, now you might ask this might be a costly way so why suggest it?

The truth is, most forwarders that offer DDP way, will consolidate your goods with others and send them together therefore price per kg will be lower and it will be more cost-effective to ship the goods this way than sending them in small weights and going throughout all the other headaches.

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Another important thing that traders should keep in mind is that the cheapest way of transporting goods is not always the best way to transport products. Many companies operating in the field of shipping from China, in exchange for higher costs from traders, guarantee their goods.

This may cost the traders more money, but it guarantees that their goods will be delivered to them completely and without any problems. It is possible that if the shipment of goods from China is not guaranteed by shipping companies, irreparable risks may be incurred by traders and their capital may be completely lost.

Therefore, traders should never rush to transfer the goods and products they want and consider all aspects of the work so that they do not suffer any damage during the transfer of goods and receive all their goods safely.

Be flexible

Another important way to reduce costs in shipping from China is that traders should not only work with one shipping company and import their products and goods only through that company, being in touch and using multiple companies will keep the competition going and offer you better opportunities and prices, therefore you can find a cheap shipping service.

Find reliable forwarders

Finding reliable shippers to export goods wanted by traders from China is another important way to reduce the cost of importing Chinese goods, some forwarders offer cheap shipping services but in the end, they will ask you for more in each step and there’s no way back.

Even though the shipping business has a lot of ups and downs and some problems are out of hand but finding a shipper that can be useful in difficult situations and doesn’t leave you high and dry is one of the best ways to ensure safety of your business.

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Choosing a trustworthy supplier

Choosing a trustworthy supplier can be helpful in finding cheap shipping services, these suppliers know their business and have many connections that can help in finding the right and cheap shipping service for you.

Cheap shipping from ChinaTraders and commercial companies in different countries of the world, in order to be able to increase the profit from the sale of their products, must be very accurate in choosing the right supplier for their products in this country. The more these traders can import the goods they want at a lower and cheaper price with better connections, the greater the profit from the sale of these goods will be for them.

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Besides all the mentioned points, there are many more things that you can consider when you need cheap shipping that all can’t be discussed here, just remember, the best shipping way for you is not always the cheap shipping way, many factors need to be considered.


Finding a cheap shipping service from China is not an impossible task, even though we’re facing price increase all the time. when importing to your country you need to have all the facts about your shipment, its quantity, and urgency in mind and find the best wat that fits your needs. It can be air, or it can be sea, it can be DDP way or it can be simple freight service to the destination port.

Our customer service is always available to answer all your questions about the best shipping method that matches your needs, as our motto suggests, we provide easy, reliable, and affordable service for you to source, ship and receive them trouble-free. Contact us now 🙂









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