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DoorTo Door Shipping

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Door To Door Shipping service

Door-to-Door service (DDP) is the most convenient and easiest shipping way for importers; not having to deal with the difficulties of customs, taxes, duties and other problems neither in China nor in destination country, makes Door-to-Door service (DDP) the most popular choice for our customers.

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Door to Door

Fast shipping

ERA proudly provides Door-to-Door service (DDP) from China to more than 150 countries worldwide,

Needless to mention that our Door-to-Door service (DDP), based on your needs, is for air, sea, rail and even truck service, we offer Door-to-Door service from China for all shipping methods.

Door-to-Door service (DDP) can be used for small quantity and bulky orders both, and based on your needs you can choose whichever suits you best, then you just connect us with your sellers, sit at home, relax and wait for your goods to be delivered to you directly without any extra fee.

Don’t forget that our air freight service also comes with door-to-door method, which can make things even easier for you.


ERA DDP service's

ERA Door-to-Door service (DDP) has the following features:


What information do I need for a Door-to-Door (DDP) service quote?

Air cargo has the min transit time comparing to other services; therefore, the total time between dispatching them and being received by the consignee is minimum and so there are fewer opportunities for compromised security.To make it simpler, less transit time means lower damage risk which is very ideal for fragile and perishable goods.

What’s door-to-door (DDP) service?

Door-to-Door or DDP is an end-to-end logistics service that transports your goods from your warehouse, factory or wherever you need to the final agreed destination.

This service, also called “all-included” shipping service, makes it easier for customers to import their goods without having to worry about the difficulties of customs, taxes, docs, etc.

How does Door-to-Door service work?

It can’t be easier, you give us goods info, we quote you, then you connect us with your seller, we pick up the goods or ask your seller to send it to us and we deliver them to the destination you need, that’s it!