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Rail freight service

Rail freight service from China is the best choice for those of you who don’t want to pay so much for air freight service but can’t wait long enough to receive the goods by sea. Rail freight transportation is suited for high-value industrial products and also promotional and seasonal products that need to reach the destination quickly.

Rail shipping

Fast shipping

We’re proud to say that in ERA we provide rail freight service from China to all over Europe and also neighbor countries around, even with Door-to-Door method, the rail freight service provides a solution to problems caused by delays, high inventory levels, capacity constraints, and lengthy transit times.


ERA Rail freight service's

ERA Rail freight service has the following features:


How long is the rail freight transit time from China?

It depends on the origin and destination, to Europe it takes about 16-19 days, from terminal to terminal, and to neighbor countries between 8-12 days.

How safe is my cargo using rail freight?

Rail freight transportation service is safe, the border terminals are protected just like ocean ports; a moving train cannot be stopped along the way so the chances of your goods being stolen will reduce.

What’s the max payload of a container with rail freight service?

It’s the standard quantity just like ocean freight, 20ft and 40ft containers, but if there’s a 20ft container it needs another 20ft to be able to start shipping.