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Sea freight service

Sea freight from China has never been easier with ERA sea services, with our close partnership with shipping lines, we’re able to help you with easy, reliable, and affordable sea freight service from China.

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Sea shipping

Fast shipping

In ERA we can handle all conventional cargo transportation from all major ports of China, both in FCL and LCL mode, and ship to countries worldwide, this way the world of global trade is at your fingertips.

Here you can have full, 24/7 customer support from our sales team and they will guide you in every step.

As a leading China Sea freight forwarder, we offer sea freight service from all the ports in China and ship them any port you want worldwide, our experts will help you in choosing the most suitable way and service you require so it will save your time and make it easy and trouble-free for you.


ERA Sea freight service's

ERA Sea freight service has the following features:


When should I use sea freight as my shipping method?

Sea freight shipping is most suitable when your goods are bulky, heavy, and when you’re not in a hurry to receive them at your destination.Shipping bulky shipments by air will be quite expensive, especially because of the big volume that will make air freight rate to be charged by the volumetric weight of the cargo but with sea freight, whether LCL or FCL, depending on how big your cargo is, it can be very cost-effective.On the other hand, many customers make the mistake of sending all cargos even small ones by sea freight because they’re not in hurry, you should consider that LCL sea freight has the min charge of 1cbm, so in the end it might not be very suitable and the air freight might even be more reasonable, considering the fact that shipping LCL way along with other cargos might have the risk of getting lost or damaged for small shipments.

What’s the needed information for a sea freight quote?

Sea freight rates depend on two important factors, nature of goods and total volume.After those two are covered, the origin port and chosen destination port, the carrier and the loading time effect the shipping quote.Carriers, inland transportation, insurance companies, and many other factors, affect the final quote you receive but in ERA we’ll offer you a simple and easy to understand fee so it won’t be confusing and will get to more details if you need.