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The United Arab Emirates’ location between Europe and the Far East has played a vital role in aiding its development as a global commercial hub. Dubai is the focal point for much of the region’s economic activity and trade. But, if you’ve shunned the idea of sending freight from the Far East to the Middle East by air or sea due to high costs or customs complications, help is at hand.

The high costs associated with shipping from the Far East to the Middle East can be a deterrent for many companies, but there are ways to keep costs down and facilitate shipping, and that’s where ERA Freight comes in.

Shipping cost from China to UAE
UAE Customs Regulations

We want to make importing from China to UAE as straightforward as possible for your company. For this reason, we’ve gathered crucial information regarding the ocean and air shipping cost from China to the UAE, including costs, transit times, and customs clearance procedures, right here on this page.

Booking your cargo is considered one of the vital steps in the delivery manner is making plans for your cargo route. This will now no longer best assist you in putting together surprising or unplanned events; however, additionally, make sure that your shipment reaches its very last vacation spot on the schedule.

With China being a considerable country, the time it takes to deliver to the UAE will rely on a notable deal at the ports of beginning and vacation spots.

We see China never fails to surprise us, and it is in a great term with different countries worldwide, and there is a lot of shipping taking place from China to other nations, even the UAE.

In this regard, let us read till the end and understand the cost of shipping from China to the UAE with different means of transport.

Shipping cost from China to UAE

It all depends on your requirements and the type of goods you want to ship, for example. Shipping 100kgs and 1CBM of normal goods such as gift boxes without any brand logo, or 100kgs and 1CBM of sensitive goods like water pencils which include ink, What’s the difference in pricing.
To start, for calculating shipping cost from China to UAE, you should choose which shipping method you’d like to go for, Airfreight or Sea freight?
The first things you need to pay attention to choosing your shipping method are the following things:

  • Cargo Size
  • Cargo Weight
  • Goods type
  • What does it have inside?
  • Transit Time

shipping cost from china to uae

Cargo Size and Weight

We can say cargo size and weight can play a vital role in choosing the shipping method, when your goods are heavy and bulky, shipping them by airfreight will cost a lot of money which is not sensible to pay you to need to know a simple fact. Air freight costs depend on the weight and size of the freight in transit but Weight is not always a significant deal.

Look below to understand better:

Mode          Weight           Unit Price       Total

Sea             28,000 kg      2850 / 40HC     2850

Air         28,000 kg        $ 7 / Kg         7 * 28,000

Now, you know how cost affects when weight increases. When you pick air freight, it may assist you in calculating your air cargo cost. On the other hand, a full standard container is charged at a flat rate, and LCL is billed by cubic meters in ocean freight.

Another fact that should be considered is in Airfreight, prices are always per kg, but what if you want to ship 1000 kgs of cotton which will take up to 67 CBM? in this case will your cargo be charged the same as the 1000 kgs?
The answer is no, and here’s why.

Shipping cost from China to UAE

Gross weight vs. Volumetric weight

Two types of weights should be considered in Airfreight, Volumetric, and Gross weight.

In easy words, we can say Gross weight is what is shown on the scale, and volume weight is the space that the shipment takes.

In Airfreight and Express services, you need to calculate both these items and see which one is bigger, that’s the weight that will be calculated in the freight.

Let us give you an example; you want to ship 50kg of cotton, and the dimension of the cartons is 100cm x100cm x100 cm, so for this cargo, we need to check both weights.
Dimensional weight is:
Air freight: 100 x 100 x 100 cm3/6000 = 167kg
or in other words, Total CBM x 167 = dimensional weight
Express: 100 x 100 x 100 cm3/5000 = 200kg
As you see, the dimensional weight is quite bigger than the Gross weight; therefore, the airline will charge based on the space the boxes will take.

Shipping cost from China to UAE
Difference between Gross weight and Volumetric weight


These are initial costs; actual costs will be calculated with inventory costs, warehouse fees, etc. This will be more expensive than the warehousing costs at the airport.

Please note that in the case of international shipping, both shipping methods are subject to customs clearance and shipping charges.

Goods and Shipment type

When calculating shipping cost from china to UAE, the first question you need to answer is what are the goods? which category do they fall into? Are they normal, without any battery/magnet or logo? are they brand? do they fall in the DGR category?

Answering the questions above will give you lots of ideas about Shipping cost from China to UAE, when goods are DGR, usually, they can only be sent by Sea freight, whether small cargoes are more cost-effective to be sent by Air freight to the destination.
Here we will give you a list of different items that will change your shipping cost, both for airfreight, sea freight and with the Door-to-Door (DDP) method.


*please note the prices are just for reference and for accurate price you need to contact our sales team.
Air DDP Shipping cost from China to UAE +22kg +100kg +300kg +500kg
Normal Goods (No brand/battery/magnet/liquid/powder etc.) 43 43 42 42
Electronic goods with inset battery 51 51 50 50
Brand Goods (without battery) 45 45 44 44
Brand goods (battery) 53 53 52 52
Cosmetic goods (normal) 56 56 55 55
Cosmetic goods (brand) 57 57 56 56
Electronic cigarette (no oil)  72 72 71 71
CCTV/Slab/Mechanical quartz watch 62 62 61 61


Sea DDP Shipping cost from China to UAE Per CBM
Normal goods (No brand/battery/magnet/liquid/powder/etc.) 700
Electronic goods with inset battery 1000
General goods with battery 1000
Brand goods 1000
Pos machine (no brand)/miners 1000
Pure battery 1400
Powder, chemical (Not DGR)/Perfume 1450
cosmetic goods/food(snacks, not fresh food) 1100
Personal goods(cannot have any liquid,smoke or cosmetic goods) 1600

Door-to-Door (DDP) service from China to the UAE

For both Airfreight service and Sea freight from China to UAE. we also offer Door-to-Door service, In this method, we arrange with the supplier and get the goods directly from the Seller and handle the process up to the customer’s doorstep in the destination country.

Our Door-to-Door (DDP) Service provides inland transportation, customs process in both origin and destination and also freight and makes it hassle-free for Importersm especially the ones that do not want to get involved with customs and its process.

China to UAE

How does Door-to-Door service work?

In the DDP method, usually, the freight forwarders consolidate goods from many customers and send them all together, which in this case is from China to UAE, the goods are gathered in the forwarder’s warehouse and then sent to the port and also customs process, and as of this usually, the goods are consolidated need to have the same nature, they can be normal, DGR, battery included, etc.

The goods are sent and released from customs under the forwarder’s name, therefore, shipment tracking, especially with the Sea method, can be a bit troublesome and forwarders offer their own tracking number updated by their agent.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Door-to-Door (DDP) method?

DDP has more advantages than disadvantages, as we mentioned before, trouble-free shipping without the worry of inland transportation and customs headaches is very convenient for Importers who like to import from China to UAE, but like all methods, it also has its own disadvantages for Importers.

As we mentioned forwarders consolidate goods from many customers, therefore this method can have a longer transit time in both Air and Sea methods, but because of its popularity, the difference is not much and it’s worth the wait.

Many believe because all the steps are covered in this method then it should be much more expensive, but the truth is, even though it might sound expensive, when you compare it with other methods it can even be cheaper ?, you might ask why? here is the answer.

Again the point is in the consolidation of the goods, in this way the total weight and volume are much bigger than each customer’s original weight, and as you know the bigger and heavier the goods, the less the price, so each customer pays less for each kg/CBM of their goods and when you add inland transportation and customs cost, I can assure you that sometimes the final price is even better than normal Airfreight or LCL Sea freight.

Door-to-Door (DDP) service is our specialty in ERA, we offer easy, reliable, and affordable shipping services to importers that need to ship from China to UAE. contact us now for your free quote.

Shipping cost from China to UAE

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