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Best Shipping Guide for importing from China to France 2022

Are you looking to import goods from China to France? If you answered yes, this is a must-read guide for you. We’ll tell you all you need to know about importing from China to France. Import restrictions and regulations in France, as well as forbidden items and shipping methods from China to France, are all covered. This article has all you need to know about rail freight, ocean freight, air freight, LCL, OOG, and Ro-Ro shipping.


How to Import Products from China to France?

Obtaining things from China while in France might be difficult at times. To begin with, you may not be able to deal with authentic producers. You may also be unfamiliar with where to look for the proper goods. Knowing where the goods may be purchased will aid in the planning of delivery costs. Once you know where you are in China, you may utilize the nearest port or airport. Apart from understanding what things one may import, it’s also crucial to know how to get the product in the safest way possible. Because the customer may not have to fly from France to China, the best sourcing processes are required.

China to France

There are different shipping methods that can be used for importing from China to France, each one is suitable depending on the needs of the customer and nature of the goods, here we’re going to explain the methods so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

needless to say, you can also contact our sales experts and they will offer you the method that best suits your needs and guide you through all the steps.

Airfreight from China to France

The quickest mode of goods transportation has been proven to be air freight. As a result, it is the most expensive method. Even though it is a speedier transportation technique, it has drawbacks, such as the difficulty of transporting unusually big shipments and the total cost which will not be affordable and economic for the importer.

Airfreight has extra benefits that make it easier for importers because most of the procedures are handled for them. When determining which technique to choose, the economic effectiveness of airfreight is crucial. Most companies will use the quickest path to guarantee that the consumer receives the package as soon as feasible.


China to France
Airfreight Shipping from China to France


Because the majority of the logistical concerns are handled by the freight broker. According to protection for any potential danger and well-structured tracking mechanisms, the importer is assured of the consignment’s safety. It’s also crucial to know which airports are accessible in China and France before employing air freight. The positions of all of these ports are required in order to prepare for the shipment’s cost.


  • Fastest shipping method
  • Suitable for sensitive and perishable goods
  • Safe method


  • High cost
  • not suitable for big and bulky goods

Sea freight from China to France

China is 8042 kilometers distant from France. Because maritime routes are delimited by aquatic bodies, they increase the distance. These marine routes are reliant on the placement of seaports in both China and France. As a result, compared to air freight, sea cargo takes longer to reach its destination. This helps make it a little less expensive and allows it to transport very large items.


China to France
Sea freight service from China to France

Sea freight transit times

Port of Loading              Port of Arrival                                           Transmit Time

Shanghai                         Le Havre                                                        28

Shenzhen                        Le Havre                                                        24

Ningbo                            Le Havre                                                        29

Qingdao                          Le Havre                                                        33

Tianjin                             Le Havre                                                        39

Xiamen                            Le Havre                                                        26


  • Low cost
  • Suitable for big and bulky goods


  • Long transit time
  • not very safe

Railfreight from China to France

Using various sorts of railway operators, it is also possible to connect China and France. A direct railway route connects China and France already. Train travel can sometimes be paired with flying. A train to Zurich followed by a 16-hour flight to Beijing is an example of such a trip. Then take a train to Frankfurt and then a flight to Beijing, which will take 17 hours and 21 minutes.


China to France
Rail freight from China to France


  • Cost-effective compared to Airfreight service
  • safe route
  • Faster transit time compared to sea freight service


  • Longer transit time compared to Airfreight
  • Fixed routes

China to France Shipping Options

During the transit time, the shipment might be packaged in a variety of ways. You can pick between LCL, OOG, or even Ro-Ro shipping depending on the container type and size. Choosing the correct transport options will help you avoid paying too much for shipping. International shipping may be divided into two categories: ocean/sea freight and air freight. Because of the speed with which the cargo is delivered, these transportation techniques differ greatly. As a result, air freight is more expensive because it takes less time. The following forms of shipment might be utilized depending on the amount and condition of the products to be transported.

  • Less Container Load
  • Full Container Load
  • Out of Gauge
  • Roll-on/ Roll-off Method of Shipping
  • Reefer Container
  • Door to Door (DDP) Shipping

Door to Door (DDP) Shipping from China to France

Door-toDoor shipping is one of the most popular methods for the importers and also sellers; During door-to-door (DDP) shipment, there are various phases required. This is just the process of obtaining a commodity from a Chinese source and having it delivered to France. To prepare well, it is necessary to be well-versed on the stages involved.

The steps below are crucial:

  • Goods are acquired from a manufacturer’s or supplier’s warehouse
  • Goods are transported to the target port
  • Goods are put onto a the transportation vehicle (It can be airplane, train, or ship)
  • The team arrives at the target port
  • Customs clearance is completed, and the items are delivered to the customer’s doorstep by a courier service.

With all of these processes, one can simply determine the shipment length, remembering to factor in the additional week for processing papers. 

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China to France
Door-to-Door (DDP) Service from China to France


Import Rules, Regulations, and Customs in France

Every country has management over the kind of commodities that are permitted across its borders. The customs office in most nations has set requirements for the items that are permitted into the country. Prohibited goods must never be permitted to enter the customs territory. We’d like to provide you with a quick rundown of what you need to know about import restrictions before you choose to import from China to France. Here, I’ll walk you through some of the most important components of French customs rules.

Non-Tariff Barriers

The European Union includes France. As a result, it follows the same regulations as the rest of the EU. Agricultural items are protected by the Common Agricultural Policy, and Chinese textiles are likewise subject to import permits and controls. Any trade in plants, seeds, or airplanes must be disclosed. The National Inter Specialist Agency for Seeds and Plants, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Defense will then certify them. They go through a variety of things at this point:

  • bureaucratic procedures and French rules
  • safety and quality testing
  • certification


Customs Duties and Taxes on Imports

Normally, actions carried out inside the European Union Foreign Action Service are exempt from duty (EEA). Policy on Agriculture. A Common External tariff Tariff will be applied to products originating outside of the European Union. These will be things that aren’t made in Europe. For industrial items, the duty is often quite low, averaging 4.2 percent.


Procedure for Imports

A verbal statement at the customs station and production of the buy proof receipt will suffice when importing products worth less than EUR 1,000 or 1,000 kg. Any products worth more than this must be reported in full at the customs office.

The following are examples of documents that may be required: a single management document abbreviated (common law statement) as well as the related documentation to aid in their clearance (maritime or air manifest). Any certified printer or business association can provide you with this document (SAD).

The customs agency recommends that the management and related statement and the certification of transfer of products be provided to them when there are shipments and purchases inside Europe. The European Union is a supporter of the World Customs Organization’s safety requirements. As a result, the EU has established an import monitoring system with the goal of securing the flow of goods into European territory.

This technique is also practiced in France, which is a member of the European Union. An Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) is necessary before bringing any product into the European Union’s territory. This is only a statement displaying the merchandise as well as the mode of transportation. Before the merchandise reaches the customs office, this form is filed online. This allows for a risk assessment of the shipment before it enters the French customs area.

Importing Samples

Samples may be supplied to the customer during the search for the proper product, but this is just a temporary admittance. It is possible to utilize the Temporary Admission book. It must be stated on the product that it is not for sale but is being delivered as a free trial.


Cosmetics Regulation

Companies that are not fully present in France must select responsible agents to promote them in those nations, according to this regulation. Cosmetics containing substances that have been subjected to animal experimentation are not accepted in the EU. This regulation does not apply to components for which certain safety data was obtained through tastings in accordance with EU regulations.

Shipping from China to France is one of our specialties.

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Why is it so costly to ship from China to France?

The cost of shipping from China to France covers not just transportation but also all additional fees associated with the shipping procedure, including handling and customs brokerage. Because some of these costs, such as fuel prices, fluctuate throughout the year, it is difficult for shipping businesses to forecast their own spending. As a result, international shipping charges from China to France must account for all of these factors in order for the carrier to benefit.

ERA offers some of the most affordable shipping prices from China to France. Our intelligent platform connects you with the finest service for your shipping needs at the most competitive price. Rather than spending several hours comparing prices from several suppliers, our technology conducts all of the legwork for you in a matter of a few seconds. Furthermore, you are protected by basic coverage and real-time tracking, both of which are included in the purchase. Use our booking tool to get a price for shipping from China to France.


What is the most efficient method of transporting heavy things from China to France?

The best option for exporting heavy products is to utilize a seafreight carrier, since they are experts at handling bulky loads and will have the required equipment to ensure safe shipment. Consider packaging your things on pallets, depending on their dimensions, for greater protection during shipping. We provide a variety of transportation solutions for big commodities from China to France, involving road and air freight.

When all of your things can fit on pallets, use our FTL, LTL, or pallet delivery services. The most suggested solutions for cross-continent shipping are ocean or air freight delivery, which we may organize depending on particular requests. If you have any questions regarding which shipping option is ideal for your needs, please contact us by email or the chat icon in the right corner. Our logistics experts are always on hand to help us make the best shipping options possible. 


What is the best method of monitoring my pallets from China to France?

You will get your tracking information through email after your order has been validated with the chosen carrier. Using our tracking feature, you can simply follow your shipment from China to France. Alternatively, you may monitor your package on the website of the logistics company you’ve chosen. After your pallet is picked up, your tracking information will become active.



As you can see, knowing the fundamentals of shipping from China to France is crucial. Simply bring your products to China and engage a freight forwarder to take care of the rest.fortunately for you ERA is here to help with it.

We will manage all customs clearance, shipping method selection, and ensure that products arrive securely at their destination. And I am confident that this guide will provide you with all of the information you want when exporting from China to France. You can contact us right now and we’ll assist you with the shipment procedure. When you achieve, we are ecstatic. 


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