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Air freight service

in ERA, as our motto suggests, is Easy, Reliable, and Affordable. In Era we work with Major airlines, you can save money, time, and effort by using ERA air freight services that connect you to the global shipping network.

Air shipping

Fast shipping

If you need fast shipping, contact ERA to have full support from our sales team and they provide you best air freight solutions to countries around the globe and you can be assured of the service, price and the safety, reliability and punctuality of the services for yourself.

Don’t forget that our air freight service also comes with door-to-door method, which can make things even easier for you.


ERA Air freight service's

ERA Air freight service has the following features:

How to optimize air freight costs?


Is air freight service cost-effective?

The cost of shipping goods by air freight is comparatively high, that’s why many importers prefer sea or rail freight over this. However, for small cargos sometimes air freight is more reasonable as sea freight needs to have a limit on the min amount of shipment.

Why choose air service even though price is higher?

As we already mentioned for small quantity of goods, the price difference can be disregarded, also when time becomes a priority, air freight is definitely the best option.

How secure is air freight?

Air cargo has the min transit time comparing to other services; therefore, the total time between dispatching them and being received by the consignee is minimum and so there are fewer opportunities for compromised security.To make it simpler, less transit time means lower damage risk which is very ideal for fragile and perishable goods.